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Doing That Which Is Right

The Four Gospels

The four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in it’s original Greek text gives the reader a better understanding and chance to interpret the events that took place with the gospels and Christ. With Matthew, one of the ideas that made me stop and think about the wisdom of Christ was when he was with… (read more)

Historical Jesus

Final EssaySearch for the Historical Jesus Submitted by Ernest Kayorie The search for the Historical Jesus course has been a delightful review/romp through the various theories surrounding this controversial subject.  The instructor takes you through the various theories surrounding the search beginning with Reimarus and his school of thought and ending with current theories which… (read more)

Spirit Quest by Rev. Judy Wolf

Spirit-Quest is a very private journey deep inside which leads to phenomenal healing and growth. Old prejudices, beliefs about self and negativity are challenged and exercised in a non-threatening way. Little by little over the course of thirty weeks the real self blooms. Confidence grows and the world is seen through calmer, more focused eyes…. (read more)

Spirit Quest

Final Essay – Spirit Quest – Master of Metaphysics Universal Life Church     This study course is a great course for those beginning their path and while serving others through ministerial pursuits. One of the deepest studies in this course is lesson 13, “Your Spiritual Path”. Not many know or understand that we choose our… (read more)

Druidry by Kurt Fondriest

DRUID LESSON BY REVEREND KURT FONDRIEST      The lessons on Druidism were  a reawakening or reaffirming belief on this path called life. I took the class first of all for several reasons. As a visual artist much of my paintings revolve around our relationship with a spiritual landscape which includes the symbol of the tree. This symbol… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing

From:  Rev. Joe Subject: Lesson 6,  Auric Fibres To all my  sisters and bothers, In my experiences with what to do first is, when I sit down and speak to the client of gathering information for my own interest and to aid me in their condition.  On every session with a client I ask permission… (read more)

Spiritual Development Course

Noosphere (pronounced /ˈnoʊ.ɵsfɪər/; sometimes noösphere), according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin, denotes the “sphere of human thought”. The word is derived from the Greek νοῦς (nous “mind“) + σφαῖρα (sphaira “sphere“), in lexical analogy to “atmosphere” and “biosphere. Introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 1922  in his Cosmogenesis“. Another possibility… (read more)

The Four Gospels

First of all I would like to say that this course was very interesting and thought provoking. To be able to choose just one specific area is going to be difficult but I would like to talk about the book of Mathew. It’s interesting to first note that the gospels are not placed in order… (read more)

Confession and Absolution of Sins from ULC Seminary

Confession and Absolution of Sins ************************* Many people get ordained through the Universal Life Church as a means to become wedding officiants, but also to study through our online seminary. If you need minister supplies or online ceremonies, we have a wide selection to choose from, as well as a place for spiritual articles and… (read more)