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Doing That Which Is Right

Four Gospels

I just concluded the Four Gospels. I am now to write a paper on the course those that know me say it should be easy for me. Many moons ago I sat in a classroom for two years being taught this same course, only from the prospective of the founder of my religious denomination, one… (read more)

Baby Naming Certificates (10) $19.95

As a minister, you may be honored to be included in many of the life passages of those in your community. The naming and blessing of a child is one of those special events. These certificates (10 total) are excellent to have if you are asked to perform baby naming ceremonies. They are a memorable… (read more)

Chaplaincy Program

I am retired from the military so I have had a lot of contact with Chaplains. Most of the time it was when I was deployed. The Chaplains I have had contact with have with have been very helpful for me when I was away from home. When I was deployed the church was the only… (read more)


 Universal Life Church Seminary Master of Spiritualism             The basis of this course was first and foremost a philosophical look at religion, ideas, and spirituality throughout about the past 3000 years and then explaining how these same ideas are woven into your daily world.  Small sections of the course also went beyond just explaining the… (read more)

ULC Monastery Not Affiliate with headquarters

CHANGES AT THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH ULC – Universal Life Church & Online Seminary This is an important announcement regarding some changes that have been happening at the Universal Life Church. For additional, independent verification of what’s going on, click Monastery. As some of you are aware, the ulc.org site has changed hands. Due to… (read more)

Seminary Credential Package

Seminary Credential Package – Adds Prestige! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Seminary Credential Package – Adds Prestige!This new Package will catapult your credibility. With this unique package, you will receive the following:*Bachelor of Divinity Certificate*Master of Divinity Certificate*Dr. of Divinity Certificate*Title of your choice (choose from the list below)*Ordination Credential (mailed separately)*Gold seal for… (read more)

Chaplaincy Program

1.    Describe someone you know who has the Divine Mark.  What set them apart?I have met such people, one was a cousin, cousin to my mother actually, who was a priest and that was the first person I ever was drawn to in memory.  Another person was a spiritual guide at a point in my… (read more)

Dr. of Metaphysics – Metaphysics and Miracles $75.00

The Metaphysics of Becoming Your Own Miracle Worker This is a course in course in metaphysics and spiritual psychology. It teaches students how to make the kinds of choices that enable them to transcend their problems and experience inner peace. It is rooted in A Course In Miracles, which is a modern day revelation that… (read more)