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Doing That Which Is Right

Baptismal Certificates (10) $19.95

A baptism of either an adult or a child is a momentous occasion. You may be blessed to get to perform one or more of these life-changing ceremonies. As a remembrance of the occasion, it’s very professional to be able to present the subject with a beautiful certificate to commemorate the day. You get 10… (read more)

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles By Rev. Bryan M. Rice Doctor of Metaphysics – Final Essay             UNDOING SEPARATION                         I have been a student of the Course in Miracles for more than three years now and have been influenced by teacher Gary Renard.  This course along with his method of teaching made the main… (read more)

Universal Life Church

Santa was a Shaman Allow me to add this as a historical footnote to my end of class essay on Defining Spirituality.Also, allow me to add three corrections to my essay; para 4 line 3 ‘moments’ should have single quotes on both sides; para 4 line 4 shouldbe ‘sprung up’ not ‘up sprung’; para 4… (read more)

Spirit Quest

The Spirit-Quest Discourse is an excellent course for either beginners or those who are more advanced. I found this course an excellent refresher course, with new insights that I had not thought of before. I can not say that it taught me a lot as much of the information within the course I had already… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing

 Lesson 20                                                                                                      Sandra Santana Final Essay What I Learned I learned a lot about the traditional healing methods in South Africa.  The history of the traditional healers and their practices is quite interesting and very useful knowledge to have.  I also find it very interesting that so many different cultures have their own form… (read more)


Did you know: That as a Carpenter Jesus would not have been a man of slender build. At this time in history Carpenters were also Stonemasons. Lugging around stones, lumber and tools would made a man of muscular build. Longhair was not worn in those times by men, unless they had taken the Nasserite vow…. (read more)

Druidry by Kurt Fondriest

DRUID LESSON BY REVEREND KURT FONDRIEST      The lessons on Druidism were  a reawakening or reaffirming belief on this path called life. I took the class first of all for several reasons. As a visual artist much of my paintings revolve around our relationship with a spiritual landscape which includes the symbol of the tree. This symbol… (read more)

Miracle of Prayer

The Miracle of Prayer course was one that I completely enjoyed. It does a wonderful job of taking the concepts from A Course in Miracles and bringing it to a level of understanding so that it can be applied. Each lesson took a concept that I had difficulty with when reading A Course in Miracles… (read more)

Religious Philosophy

MY VIEW: MASTER OF RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY LESSON 13                                                           Food for Thought ·    Which view best describes your personal relationship with nature — dominion, cooperation, or reverence? Answer: cooperation. Yet this is contrary to the scripture I believe- the Bible Gen 1:28 which made me to understand that dominion is given to me by God. In… (read more)

Faith Stones – Universal Life Church -$2.25

Faith Stones. Thoughtful gifts for a Sunday School class or other church group. Each 2 1/4″ – 2 3/4″ striking black rock is engraved with an inspirational word. Sayings include “Love,” “Hope,” “Trust” and many more. Natural stones, sizes may vary. Specify the word you’d like or just have faith that you’ll get the one… (read more)