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Doing That Which Is Right

Unvarnished Gospels $24.95

Unvarnished Gospels $24.95 This is a wonderful book and belongs on almost every bookshelf. The literal translation of the oldest Greek texts makes for some very compelling reading. The characters and events of the New Testament come alive. This is not a re-interpretation of the Gospels, but rather a new translation, and as such is… (read more)

Seminary Credential Package

Seminary Credential Package – Adds Prestige! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Seminary Credential Package – Adds Prestige!This new Package will catapult your credibility. With this unique package, you will receive the following:*Bachelor of Divinity Certificate*Master of Divinity Certificate*Dr. of Divinity Certificate*Title of your choice (choose from the list below)*Ordination Credential (mailed separately)*Gold seal for… (read more)

Miracle of Prayer

Final Essay Dr. of Spirituality – The Miracle of Prayer Rev Sharon J. Mayer Prayer. Each religion has a form of prayer and from an early age we are taught to pray in one form or another. For those raised in a Christian home the first prayer may have been “Now I lay me down… (read more)

Historical Jesus

Final EssaySearch for the Historical Jesus Submitted by Ernest Kayorie The search for the Historical Jesus course has been a delightful review/romp through the various theories surrounding this controversial subject.  The instructor takes you through the various theories surrounding the search beginning with Reimarus and his school of thought and ending with current theories which… (read more)


I would like to thank Amy for all her hard work. This was a great discourse and a great discourse to help with my ministering. One thing I learned was that, with metaphysical discussions, you can’t move too fast or too soon or you will scare off science minded people. It is easier to minister… (read more)

Spirituality and Prayer

1.       Explain how I agree/disagree with the Course’s view on forgiveness: I agree with the Course’s view on forgiveness. I had never thought about the “forgiveness of destruction”, however, in my life and my interactions with others I see how the ego keeps us stuck. I know that when I become angry or hurt my… (read more)

Dr. of Spiritual Awareness $70

Dr. of Spiritual Awareness This is a really fascinating new course on developing spiritual awareness. If you’ve taken and enjoyed Spirit Quest, you’ll love this course. The information is along the same lines, some completely new, some of it is a new look at similar information. The course is a doctorate program and is very… (read more)


Throughout this course I learned more about the numerous schools of Buddhism and the evolution of these schools, and the effects of the cultures in the countries where the individual schools were established. From the beginning after siddhartha passed into parinirvana it seemed that at the first council people couldn’t decide on what was the… (read more)