ULC Seminary

Doing That Which Is Right

Religious Philosophy

MY VIEW: MASTER OF RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY LESSON 13                                                           Food for Thought ·    Which view best describes your personal relationship with nature — dominion, cooperation, or reverence? Answer: cooperation. Yet this is contrary to the scripture I believe- the Bible Gen 1:28 which made me to understand that dominion is given to me by God. In… (read more)

Faith Stones – Universal Life Church -$2.25

Faith Stones. Thoughtful gifts for a Sunday School class or other church group. Each 2 1/4″ – 2 3/4″ striking black rock is engraved with an inspirational word. Sayings include “Love,” “Hope,” “Trust” and many more. Natural stones, sizes may vary. Specify the word you’d like or just have faith that you’ll get the one… (read more)

Wiccan Studies

I can’t say I truly learned anything new during the Wiccan studies program but I did enjoy it. I have been a witch for 21 years and basically took the program to add to my reverend credentials. As a Witch I feel its important to keep an open mind and continue learning/sharing on this path… (read more)

St. Paul

“Master of St. Paul“. The subject and title seems a bit ironic because of St. Paul’s service and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Non the less I found this course to be informative and I enjoyed the weekly assignments. The teaching techniques used are effective in that they make the student research the… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing

Summation of the Metaphysical Healing Course By Susan Wallace Full Circle The idea of coming “full circle” in strategies for creating health and balance within clients is growing daily. Each culture in history has had its concept of healing powers and rituals used by the people of that culture. With modern medical models the more… (read more)

Master of Religion

Master of Religion Overview of Class This course was a very interesting and demanding course.  The reason being is it caught my attention and I couldn’t wait for more information concerning each topic.  The first topic that I was intrigue by was religion.  Religion can be determine and use in so many ways.   Some churches… (read more)


      My interest in this class on Buddhism came about because of my interest in daily meditation, mindfulness, the books of the latest Dalai Lama, and the way I feel the God or spirit connection through nature and my garden. I have taken a local class in Buddhist meditation and connected greatly with the special… (read more)

Four Gospels by Rev. Willis Henry

The Four Gospels Rev. Willis Henry “Four Perspective of one man, one deity, one savior. Expressed by four men who were not religious scholars.” Matthew spoke predominately to the Jews. He attempted to convince the Jews that Yeshua was the Messiah. In the book of Matthew ,he emphasizes Yeshua fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies… (read more)