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Doing That Which Is Right

Metaphysical Healing

Summation of the Metaphysical Healing Course By Susan Wallace Full Circle The idea of coming “full circle” in strategies for creating health and balance within clients is growing daily. Each culture in history has had its concept of healing powers and rituals used by the people of that culture. With modern medical models the more… (read more)

Christian History

 ULC Seminary: Master of Christian History Paper                        Lesson 131.    What set the post-Nicene fathers apart from the ante-Nicene fathers? Answer: The “Ante-Nicene fathers”, are the Church Fathers who worked before the Council of Nicaea regardless of whether they were apostolic fathers, apologists, or polemicists. They studied the Scriptures in a more or less scientific way… (read more)

Gospel of Luke by Rev. Steve Dunkley

                                                            Gospel of Luke  The debate over who actually wrote the Gospel of Luke is one of the most lively exegetic topics in modern theology. Although some scholars insist that Luke, a companion of Paul who was named in Colossians, is highly likely to have been the author, the debate is by no means settled… (read more)


Final Essay: Druidism Course “All roads lead to Rome,” some wise soul once said. Rome in this case being the great essence which is the Creator, Yahweh, I AM, AWEN. The question is which path is meant for me. The Buddhist path, the Christian path, the Druid path, or a combination of all. Perhaps, one… (read more)


Michael S Barth Master of Shamanism Final Essay       This course was great.  When I started this course, I was fearful of taking it.  I was fearful because of my lack of knowledge about Shamanism.  Over the years, people I know had used Shaman and Shamanism in a derogatory way.  Also, I am not aware… (read more)

Spirit Quest

The Spirit-Quest Discourse is an excellent course for either beginners or those who are more advanced. I found this course an excellent refresher course, with new insights that I had not thought of before. I can not say that it taught me a lot as much of the information within the course I had already… (read more)


Universal Life Church This course was designed to learn how to minister to the scientific community or even to the traditional religious believer. As quoted in Lesson 4… “When we tap into that universal God energy we can produce any kind of miracle”. I believe this is true. There were many philosophical viewpoints covered in… (read more)

Historical Jesus

Final EssaySearch for the Historical Jesus Submitted by Ernest Kayorie The search for the Historical Jesus course has been a delightful review/romp through the various theories surrounding this controversial subject.  The instructor takes you through the various theories surrounding the search beginning with Reimarus and his school of thought and ending with current theories which… (read more)

Religious Philosophy

Michael S Barth Master of Religious Philosophy Final Essay       &This was a terrific course about religious philosophy.  Prior to this course, I had never to a philosophy course at all.  This course was very interesting to me.  Some of the terminology I had knowledge of but had never considered that these terms would be in… (read more)