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Doing That Which Is Right


My Connection to Druidism and What I Learned From the Course The study of Druidism was one I took on initially because of my grandmother. Maud Elizabeth Toward Jemison was from Great Britain and moved to Canada in 1900 to live on her own. She was a very tall and beautiful woman and although she… (read more)

Four Gospels

Dear Rev. Amy Long, I had to find the old paper I wrote for the class, Four Gospels, on a backup. After reading it I decided to write a new paper as the old scripture is replaced with a new very special one. As I told you in the letter I wrote you I had… (read more)

Wiccan Studies

Wiccan Studies This essay will be a three part essay. The first part will be about things that I have learned from the course. The second part will be about things I already knew. The third part will be about things I had hoped to learn but didn’t. In the very first lesson, in the… (read more)

The Four Gospels

The four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in it’s original Greek text gives the reader a better understanding and chance to interpret the events that took place with the gospels and Christ. With Matthew, one of the ideas that made me stop and think about the wisdom of Christ was when he was with… (read more)

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Final Essay Tools To initiate this discussion of spiritual tools I am going to regress to a need for such an understanding. All of the things I am going to say here are postulation, my understanding to date, hence, quest, Spirit Quest. We start with an awakening of self-awareness; at this stage our… (read more)

Spiritual Awareness

Michael S Barth Doctor of Spiritual Awareness Final Awareness        This is one of the most interesting classes that I have taken.  In the first lesson, the instructor said that there would be new things we would learn and there would be old things where we would look at them in new ways.  The instructor… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing

From:  Rev. Joe Subject: Lesson 7,  Shower Technique To all my  brothers and sisters In my experiences dealing with negative energy or cross-contamination to another person should be avoided. In my early days of doing healings I had witnessed the illness and the effects associated with different people, it’s not a good feeling. Making it… (read more)

Quest Affiliate Card $12.00

For a video representation, go to www.ulcseminary.org/images/IDCardsVideo.wmv. You can see our entire selection. You can now choose a more personalized ID card issued by the Seminary. Like the other ID card, these are made the size of a credit card in either white or black with gold foil printing on them. They are plastic and… (read more)