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Christian Studies

Understanding the Bible By Michael Gehrmann-Gacasa, Ph. D. (Rel.) The “four Gospel course” inspired me to compare two Bible Versions, please read by yourself what I found out, maybe you are also surprised like me! The Gospels of Matthew and Mark in different Bible Versions Comparing the King James Version and the Peshitta (Lamsa Bible)… (read more)

Comparative Religion

Rev. Robin M. Viorla, O. of M.Master of Comparative Religion Instructor: Rev. Kythera Ann I was called to the ministry when I was thirteen years old. I talked with my teacher, Sister Marie ‘Somebody’, who suggested that I, upon completing high school, come back to the convent and become a part of their community. The… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing Course

Master of Metaphysical Healing is a fascinating course, which every healer should take. It coalesces many, if not all, facets of the art of healing. From anatomy to the healers prayer it teaches, or reminds, us of those aspects of healing every healer should know. Written from the perspective of South Africa, Rev. Dr. Katherine… (read more)

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing CourseFinal EssayRev. Lindsay BaldassanoI began this course a few months ago during a time when I was seeking to refresh my Reiki practice and further my knowledge and understanding of subtle energies and healing. I was very excited about the new seminary program being offered by ULC and am still excited to continue… (read more)