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Comparative Religion

Final Essay……Comparative Religion (course by Kythera Ann)     It has been some weeks since I finished reading and re-reading the materials that comprised the Comparative Religion course and now feel that I am ready to write the final essay.  Initially, I would like to express gratitude to the Reverend Kythera Ann for putting together… (read more)

Comparative Religion

Identity In order to understand our present we must first understand our past. This is a saying that is particularly true in today’s world; and more, particularly, in the world of the ancient Israelites. The ancient people’s who became the Israelites were a people in search of an identity. They were disjointed groups of Semitics… (read more)

Chaplaincy Program

Chaplaincy Course #18 Reverand Pamela bagot-Beasley My ministry is not solidly defined. I am not yet associated with an official organization. My direction is with Hospice.  I know already that the stressor points that “might” arise are also the process of balancing time. Giving to those that need ministering to and giving to my family… (read more)


Universal Life Church When Jesus came of age within the Essenes he purified the structure of the Mystery traditions and re-instated the original Gnostic faith. Hence, the Gnosticism of Jesus is not superior to other Gnostic traditions, but is a refinement or adaptation of an age-long tradition. Indeed, the Gnosticism of Jesus brought together Egyptian,… (read more)

Christian Studies

A Higher Calling-One Firefighter’s Perspective By Bob Firestine My name is Bob and I have been a professional firefighter for 22 years. I love my job because I get to help people, some of whom are experiencing the darkest and most desperate moments of their lives. I love to be able to show them compassion… (read more)